duminică, 20 ianuarie 2013

Curatenia este importanta

O data pe saptamana, in cazul in care esti foarte ocupat si nu ai timp sa cureti in casa poti apela la firma curatenie. Curatenia este pentru mine importanta deoarece un spatiu curat ma face sa ma simt bine. 

In ciuda faptului ca se spune ca femeile sunt cele care fac curatenie, mie imi place sa imi mentin spatual de acasa mereu curat. Pastrez curatenia in casa, ma ocup de cumpararea produselor de curatenie si le aleg intotdeauna pe cele testate anterior si care imi ofera incredere. 

Mi-am ales o zi in care curatenia este facuta. Saptamanal curat intreaga casa : aspir, curat dulapurile, spal hainele murdare, sterg praful in intreaga casa. Geamurile le curat atunci cand este nevoie, nu am un program de respectat in ceea ce le priveste.

vineri, 7 octombrie 2011

Casco online

Pentru automobilul dumneavoatra este indicat sa faceti o asigurare Casco. Aceasta, asigurarea Casco este utila in cazul avariilor accidentale sau furtului.

Asigurarea Casco este facultativa autoturismului impotriva furtului si avariilor accidentale.
Masina dumneavoasra nu va fi insa asigurata de rca, Casco fiind o asigurare optionala.

miercuri, 9 martie 2011

Addendum: Double Dog Dare Accepted

It must have been the double-dog-dare: Susan zapped me a picture of her office. I'd just like to point out that I didn't have fast food styrofoam anywhere in my office. Mostly because the fast food places I frequent are too cheap to use styrofoam. What's wrong with a plan old paper bag, Miss I'm-Too-High-Falutin'-For-A-Cardboard-Box? And she's kept her poinsettia alive past Christmas, which clearly means she's made a deal with the devil.

Susan writes:
"Okay, Missy, here's my office as of this very minute. Thank God you didn't challenge me to take a picture of myself because the office looks a heck of a lot better than I do. I am cringing, however, at the fast food container on my desk, but I just had my very nutritious lunch of leftover salad with no dressing. (As long as I'm making you mad...) In total fairness, I cleaned up my desk 2 days ago, but even at it's worst it never looked like--- Never mind. My headache is coming back."

"Here's the thing. Your godawful mess of an office looks like the inside of my head ALL THE TIME, which is why I have to keep my workspace reasonably organzied. Otherwise, it would all just be too painful. That mess you work in is a credit to your amazing brainpower."

See, THIS is why she's my pal, even when wearing an electric bubble shirt and lying to Rod Stewart about me. Of course, then she ruins it by adding:

"By the way, I love your new cover for DON'T LOOK DOWN. Still angry that you only gave me that first amazing chapter to read. So unfair to keep me dangling like this, but then that cruel streak of yours does have its way of sticking it's head up, now doesn't it?"

Sigh. So of course I'm sending her an ARC. How can I not?

Mare 2, Kind Of

Well, it's been one of those days, what with Susan answering my double-dog-dare, and the new tile going in my bathroom (and it's GORGEOUS, too) and about twenty million e-mails coming in, including one with the first review of Don't Look Down: "This is the first collaboration between best-selling and award-winning romance writer Crusie and adventure-thriller writer Mayer, and it is a rare and original delight. Mayer's delectably dry sense of humor perfectly complements Crusie's signature brand of sharp wit, and together the two have cooked up a sexy, sassy, and smart combination of romance and suspense that is simply irresistible."

God, I'm so happy, I'm doing the Snoopy Dance all over the house.

But I didn't get to Mare this morning. Or this afternoon. When it got to be 8PM and I was still handling business stuff and e-mails, I realized I wasn't going to get to Mare or Baby (the scene from Agnes) today. I also realized I have to get a grip on my life. I truly typed from 9:30 this morning until 8 this evening without writing one word of fiction. I did four blog entries, though. And I proofread the newsletter and did a bunch of editor and agent e-mails and an agent phone call (except we talk about everything so that's not exactly all business) and a partner phone call (except she's my kid, too, so it's not exactly all business), and then e-mails with Krissie and Eileen about the anthology and the trip next week and promotion, and then there were the lists I have to keep up with, and the call from the vet because Lucy has a double heart murmur even though everything else about her is fine and I swear to God she knows it because before she went to the vet she used to jump up on the bed just fine and now she sits on the floor and looks up at me with those big eyes and does everything but clutch her heart until I pick her up . . .

Clearly there's a lack of focus here. As if you didn't already know that from my desk.

But I did think a lot about fiction today, including writing long e-mails to Bob about what Agnes would be doing baking six kinds of cupcakes while Shane grilled her until Bob wrote back, "TMI," plus yesterday, I was out because of the vet et al and stopped by Home Goods and looked at their Christmas markdowns and there was this angel that marked down from $38 to $5 ("as is"), and I am not an angel kind of person but the face on this one was so amazing, plus she was holding her halo in her hands as if she'd just decided to take it off, plus there was something about an "as is angel" that really appealed to me, plus she was five bucks, for cripes sake, so I bought her and she's sitting on my desk and I keep looking at her fascinated. I know she's going to fuel a book. Maybe Charlotte. Maybe the one I'm going to do a couple of years from now, my verson of The Turn of the Screw. I don't know. But since I have nothing to show for my day, I thought I'd show you the As Is Angel instead

So Here's My Plan . . .

I made a lot of New Year's resolutions last year and I can't remember any of them which is good because it cuts down on the stress. But this year, I'm getting SERIOUS about this stuff. So I'm going to make a public record, thereby opening myself to ridicule and pity if I don't follow through. So here goes:

In 2006, I will finish at least one novel and one novella. No, really.

In 2006, I will lose twenty pounds. I'll still be overweight, but twenty pounds is doable. And I'll be healthier.

In 2006, I will get my office cleaned. This is my office:

And this is my desk:

I'm showing these pictures to shame myself into getting this done. Then I can post the pictures of the nice clean offic. A goal. So I'll do it today. Well, I'll start it today. I have to write in there (see Resolution One).

In 2006, I will be a kinder, gentler person, even while on the road.

In 2006, I will stop trying to do everything at once. Patience, grasshopper.

Five things. That's plenty. Especially since I just survived the December from Hell, so while I am sure there's nothing but good times ahead, I'm not going to shoot too high for 2006. Survival, that's my overall resolution.

And in January, I will . . .

Start my 2006 Journal. I've started at least two dozen journals in my life and I always end up wandering off, but this year, I'm keeping one so I can write down all the stuff I delete from this blog because it would get me in trouble. I didn't put it in the year resolutions because any more than five resolutions is masochism, but goes here. Just try it for a month, Crusie. Nobody will ever read it, so you can just jot things down. No stress.

Start the Dueling Blog for the Don't Look Down Tour, which is now called He Wrote She Wrote. We actually started it this morning, so that's one off the list.

Work on Agnes and the Hitman. Today, I'm going to concentrate on one of the supporting characters, Baby Dupres, and try to write a couple of her POV scenes, rough drafts. She's only going to get about 10% of the book, if that, so if I can get her down on paper, Bob can write her into his scenes. And so can I. I don't really know who a character is until I see what I write. So today, in the time not spent cleaning the office, I will find the keyboard to my big computer and write some Baby. To let you know how bad this is, I still don't know if she's a Southern belle or a mob wife. At the moment she's a Southern belle mob wife, but I'm not sure I can pull that off.

Work on Mare, the novella heroine, because I am heading to New York in ten days to meet with the other two authors of the anthology. More about that later because that one deserves a whole post, especially since I'm going to be doing the twelve days of Mare here shortly. Only not two thousand words a day. Especially since I'm writing Agnes. Okay, that grasshopper resolution needs some work.

Lose five pounds. This will involve exercise which is difficult because I can't write while I'm on the treadclimber. I've tried it, it doesn't work, I almost killed myself when I stopped to stare into space, trying to think of the right word.

And somewhere in there, I should get the proposal for Charlotte done, but I'll be damned if I see where.

So there, I'm on the record, now I have to follow through. Probably. I'm starting after I make pork and sauerkraut for lunch because it's good karma for Germans. I have no idea why, but thanks to my mother, I've been eating pork and sauerkraut on Jan. 1 for 56 years, and things have worked out pretty well, so I see no reason to stop now.

Here's hoping your resolutions are good ones (eat more chocolate, get a puppy, say something nice to yourself in the mirror every day), and your 2006 is terrific.

Happy New Year!

And now Mare . . .

So I’m at The RWA National Conference in Reno last July, and Eileen Dreyer (one of my favorite people and also I’m in love with her husband Rick which is why she calls me “Mormon Wife”) sits down beside me and says, “I have the best idea for a book. The heroine is a shape-shifter but she’s a virgin because every time she gets excited, she changes shape, like into the guy’s mother.” And I said, “How much have you had to drink?” and she said, “Enough,” and we talked of other things. Fast forward a couple of months and she e-mailed me and said, “Here’s the idea: Three novellas, three sisters, all with paranormal powers that they can’t control. I do my shapeshifter, Krissie does one [that’s Anne Stuart], and you do one. What do you say?”

I said, “I’m in.” Well, who wouldn’t be?

And then it turned out Jen Enderlin was in, too, so now sometime in 2007, The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes (working title but hoping it will be permanent) will be published, which means I’m now writing the youngest sister, Mare. (There are three sisters: DeeDee, Eileen’s shapeshifter; Lizzie, Krissie’s girl who changes the shapes of other things; and my girl Moira Mariposa, better known as Mare, who moves things with her mind. Psychokinetic? I know there are terms for all of those powers, but that’s what they do.) So I'm figuring I'll try to do Twelve Days of Mare and see what I get.

BUT I also have to do Agnes with Bob because I can't keep him waiting. And I can't delay Mare because Krissie and Eileen and I are meeting in New York for three days to talk this through, and I need to get a chunk of it done before then so I know what my story is about because I don't really know what I'm doing until I see what I've written.

So here's the plan: I'm going to dedicate an hour to Mare every morning. Afternoons and evenings are for Agnes, but the mornings belong to Mare. Since my mornings are really short--I usually start work about ten--and I have to answer e-mail in there, too, it should work out to about an hour a day, although it'll get trickier once I'm on the road. Twelve days starting tomorrow ends the last day we're in NYC, so that should make things more interesting. January tenth is going to be tricky because I'll be traveling plus that's Mollie's birthday (she'll be twelve) and we're going to do the NYC thing, which for us usually means a great lunch and a walk through Central Park where we talk a mile a minute, but . . .

Where was I? Right. The Twelve Days of Mare starts tomorrow. As with Trudy, the posts will be short, just a way of keeping me honest and on task and probably not very interesting, so be forewarned. And if you want to know how Agnes is doing, schlep on over to He Wrote She Wrote, because that's where we'll be talking about that. About once a week.

Meanwhile, here’s the start of the Mare collage. It's only the very beginning, but I’m liking it.

Addendum: Bob Said Daft, Heh Heh

Comment from Bob on Argh Ink Blog, 12/11/05:
"I have never used the word 'daft'."

E-mail from Jenny, 12/11/05, 10:11:
"You used the word "daft." You may have been quoting Terry, but you used it, because I was surprised you used it.
Of course, I don't think I have that e-mail anymore."

E-mail from Bob, 12/11/05, 10:14:
never have"

E-mail from Jenny, 12/11/05 10:19:
"Yes, you did. I remember it.

E-mail from Bob, 12/11/05. 10:21:

E-mail from Jenny, 12/11/05, 10:25:
"Middle of fourth paragraph. HA."
Followed by entire text of e-mail from Sept. 14 2004 that includes this line:
" "I listened to you present in Maui and the old-- I don't outline, I just write draft after draft stuck me as kind of daft-- pardon the pun. It's a hell of a lot easier to work all this stuff out in outline than draft."

E-mail from Bob, 12/11/05, 10:30:
"too long-- i don't read past the first line"

E-mail from Bob, 12/11/05, 10:30:
"I didn't call you daft
i said what you did was daft"

E-mail from Jenny, 12/11/05, 10:31:
"I believe the blog says, "I have never used the word 'daft."

E-mail from Bob, 12/11/05, 10:33:

E-mail from Bob, 12/11/05, 10:33:
"we really need lives"

E-mail from Jenny, 12/11/05, 10:40:
"I know. It's so sad."

This is going to be so much easier when we're both doing the same blog on the Crusie/Mayer site.